Whenever Donald Trump appears in public, you can be sure of a couple of things: He will not wear a mask, and he will brag about having beaten back Chinese travelers.


We will stop here for a moment to note that Trump did not announce the China ban until Jan. 31 — after the World Health Organization had declared a global coronavirus emergency and a raft of nations were doing the same thing. But nobody expects the president to admit he came in behind the Marshall Islands.


“When we first started with this virus we were told it was coming from China, right?” Cuomo said on Wednesday. But when it came to the East Coast, he added, “it turns out it came from Europe.” That was a detail the administration was reluctant to mention, given the fact that even our extremely creative president couldn’t figure out a way to make himself the hero of that version. So Americans were left to presume it was all about Wuhan.

“當我們第一次面對這種病毒時,我們被告知它來自中國,對吧?”科莫在周三說。他還說,但是當它到達東海岸時,“實際上是來自歐洲?!?br /> 這是一個政府不愿意提及的細節,因為即使是我們極富創意的總統也難以用這個版本的故事將自己打造成英雄,所以美國人只能假定全都是因為武漢。

Cuomo is by far the best-known gubernatorial face, and some polls suggest he’s much more popular than the president. He gives his daily talk while flashing titles, themes and exhortations like “Masks work! Gloves work! Hand sanitizing works!” Meanwhile Trump, appearing in all his barefaced glory, told a crowd that Americans have learned “the good and the bad” about masking: “It’s not a one-sided thing, believe it or not.”

與此同時,特朗普厚顏無恥地閃耀登場,告訴眾人,美國人已經了解到了關于口罩的“好處和壞處”,“ 信不信由你,這不是單方面的事情?!?

Sort of hard to believe the president of a pandemic-ridden nation is saying that. But when it comes to the administration’s performance, the rule in the White House is to always look on the bright side of life.


“We are testing more people per capita than South Korea, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Sweden, Finland and many other countries,” Trump announced proudly this week. Cynics noted we are not testing as many people per capita as Germany, Russia, Spain and Canada. But think positive, people. We’re still doing better than Finland.

“我們的人均檢測數量已經超過了韓國、英國、法國、日本、瑞典、芬蘭和其他許多國家?!?br /> 持懷疑態度的人指出我們的人均檢測并沒有多過德國、俄羅斯、西班牙和加拿大——但是你們要往好了想——我們做的還是比芬蘭要好。

Since Trump’s theoretically early action, nearly 40,000 people have still flown directly to the United States from China. To be fair, many of them were citizens who had the right to return home. But you’d think the government would make sure they weren’t coming back with anything contagious. Travelers said they were surprised by the lack of scrutiny.

自從特朗普采取的理論上“很早的行動 ”以來,仍有將近4萬人從中國直飛到美國。

It took until mid-March for the president to impose travel restrictions on visitors from Europe, where the pandemic had long since spread. “We essentially locked the front door and left the back door open,” said Michael Mina, a Harvard epidemiologist. It’s not hard to figure out why. Banning flights from Naples doesn’t really have the same appeal as cracking down on Wuhan. Even Cuomo’s daughter was perplexed when her father started warning about infection from Italy.

哈佛大學流行病學專家邁克爾·米納說:“我們基本上是鎖了前門忘了后門?!?br /> 為什么會這樣?想知道答案并不難:

And politically, of course, there’s nothing like claiming your opponent is soft on — someplace foreign. “You’ll never hear it from the Fake News media, but I am TOUGH ON CHINA and Sleepy Joe Biden is WEAK ON CHINA,” a recent Trump fund-raising letter announced. “He always has been and he always will be — that will never change.”

“在假新聞媒體上你是永遠不會聽到這些的,但我對中國很強硬,而昏昏欲睡的喬 · 拜登則對中國軟弱,”特朗普在最近的一封籌款信上宣稱“ 他一直都是這樣,而且他永遠都會這樣——這永遠不會改變?!?

When Cuomo started his coronavirus briefings, his outrage at the president was pretty wonderful. (“If he’s sitting at home watching TV, maybe he should get up and go to work.”). Lately he’s been much more discreet — possibly because New York needs a lot of federal support.

當科莫開始他的新冠病毒簡報會時,他對總統表現出的憤怒相當精彩。(“ 他是不是正坐在家里看電視,也許他該站起來去工作了?!保?br /> 最近他變得謹慎了——可能是因為紐約需要大量的聯邦支持。

But his current spin — that our problem now is all about the “European virus” — seems like a smart approach. First of all, it reminds us that the pandemic is not going to fade away. Second, it’s a call for global oversight.
And third, it’ll drive Donald Trump crazy. What more do you need?

第三,這會氣瘋唐納德 · 特朗普,這就夠了,是不是?