It’s hard to explain the engineering marvel that is the SR-71 Blackbird. A long range ,plane capable of flying 26 kilometres above the surface of the planet. So high that the pilots could see the curvature on the planet and the inky black of space from their cockpits. It flew so fast that the engineers had to develop entirely new materials and designs

很難解釋 SR-71黑鳥在工程學上的非凡·之處。它的航程很遠,飛機能夠在地球表面以上26公里的高度飛行,如此之高以至于飛行員可以從駕駛艙看到星球的曲線和漆黑的太空,它飛得如此之快,工程師們不得不開發出全新的材料和設計